Self Love

Self love/ self care and I haven't been the best of friends. I've always been so use to the "go go go lifestyle". I don't like to stop, in fact sometimes I forget how to stop and just take a break. With being a teacher I am always thinking ahead or trying to plan out how I think something is suppose to go. If I am not working on Simple Girl, I am doing something for my classroom or attempting to dance around the kitchen and learn new Tik Tok videos ( I am trying to figure what it is all about and what all the "kids are up to these days" oh man.. now I sound like my parents!) Anyways I am working on taking time to breathe and take care of myself. 

When I think of self care, I think about coffee... a nice hot cup of coffee warming my hands and that first sip (you know when your shoulders relax and you can help but smile because the coffee is that good? ya I love that feeling). 

Here are my favourite self love practices: 

1) HOT COFFEE BY THE LAKE (my legit, all time favourite) 

2) Manicure/ pedicure (nothing beats a good hand/ foot massage!) 

If you are local I highly suggest Styled! Be sure to see my girl, Jen (she's crazy talented with nails!) 

3) Guinea pig snuggles (this may sound odd.. but I am a teacher by day and my class has 2 piggies who are full of personality and live with me when they are not at school) 

4) Playing Badminton and kick boxing (I've fallen in love with these activities... literally never thought I'd be a badminton pro.. but I think I have potential.. as long as I can figure out how to stop getting the birdie stuck in the trees!) 

5) Chats/ hang outs with friends (this makes my heart very, very full) 

I asked the Simple Girl team what some of their favourite self care/ self love practices are and this is what they said: 

"Making time to read a book, doing my hair / makeup even with nowhere to go, getting a massage."- Kate 

"Snuggles with my dog, time with family/friends, and taking time to camp and enjoy nature"- Abby 

"A big (BIG) coffee or tea, a book, a blanket! Getting dressed up with friends for drinks/dinner. Getting a massage or going and getting nails done. Sleeping in and taking myself out for breakfast"- Emiliegh 

I highly suggest trying out all these suggestions. You deserve self love. Never forget that!  

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